Orthopaedic Heat Belt


This pain relief electronic heating pad is one of the most effective solutions for orthopedic pain. Due to instant heating technology this is also quick and easy to use.

Instant Heating & Warmth

Quality Assured

 Great for people with back ache issues

 Easy to use



Heating Pad is one of the most common and effective solutions for back pain. It is also very useful in other orthopedic pains like neck pain. Our pain relief heating pad offers ultimate relief from back pain due to instant heating and high quality soft material. Especially in winters when our body needs warmth, this product does exactly the same for us. It is better than many other solutions because nothing is as convenient than this. As compared to other solutions, this product offers great relief from orthopedic discomfort.

Using electronic heating pad also gives you instant relaxation from pain. Due to linear temperature results are quick. You can also adjust temperature as per your requirements. We recommend use heating pads as mentioned by doctor or follow the instructions. Additionally, SG Heating pads give you peace of mind because we are trusted brand in the industry.

Inbuilt insulation to provide more comfort

Amazing product for orthopedic patients

Made of high quality material and offer great durability

Very easy to use and maintain

You can easily wash this at home if needed

Product High quality pain relief electronic heating pad
Quantity 1 Piece (s)

Benefits of Using Electronic Heating Pad

There are many benefits of using electronic heating pad because of instant heating and convenience.

A heat pad and light stretching combined can ease the pain of muscle stiffness.

Heat also helps increase blood flow throughout the body.

Increased blood flow can heal injuries faster and help relieve the pain you are feeling from an acute injury.

Stress and tension throughout the body go hand in hand.

We recommend you seek doctor advice on using any orthopedic solution because every body’s requirement is different.

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