Orthopaedic Hot and Cool Water Bag


Safe and Natural

Use of High Quality Rubber

Superior Strength and Durability

Use hot water to relieve aches and pains



Hot water bottle from SG Health is made of high quality rubber material. This also offer long life and keeps water heated for longer duration than regular bottles. This hot water bag is very useful for getting relief from various kinds of pain like back aches, sprains etc.

Benefits of Hot Water Bottle

There are many benefits of hot water bag.

Leak proof security

With stand 1000 pounds of force without damage

Environment friendly Material

As discovered by Switzerland SGS

Long lasting heat

Stays warm whole night

Manage temperature

Allow usage of high & low temperature

Transparent looks

Transparent and gloss, fine quality and soft


Summer ice bags can be used as heat cured

Dual Temperature

High and low

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